Prevail Concealed Carry



 prəˈvāl/  verb:

prove more powerful than opposing forces; be victorious.

Prevail Concealed Carry Instructor Development.


    If you are the kind of firearms instructor who is passionate about providing the best firearms training available, then the PREVAIL ID Course is for you. You will learn the techniques necessary to provide good people with the essential skills to not just win or survive a gunfight, but to PREVAIL!  

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Prevail Concealed Carry Course


This pistol skills class will teach the student essential gun-handling skills and techniques. It will increase your ability and proficiency with a defensive handgun. This class is suitable for both beginning and advanced shooters.

LEVEL 1 Class. In this Class you will learned all the essential skills to run your pistol to PREVAIL in a lethal encounter. 

LEVEL 2 Class. In this class, we will review everything you learned in the LEVEL 1 Class and then take you to the next level in learning additional skills from Concealment.

LEVEL 3 Class. In this class you will demonstrate your pistol knowledge by completing the PREVAIL Qualifications. You will also be exposed to a training scenario where you will have to make a lethal encounter decision that you may face as a law abiding concealed carry citizen. 

* You will want to start with the LEVEL 1 Class before proceeding to the next levels.

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