JDS Tactical, Inc. is now offering PREVAIL Concealed Carry Classes. To attend these classes, you will need to become a MEMBER of JDS Tactical. As a MEMBER, you will be entitled to all the benefits offered now and in the future. MEMBERSHIP affords you an amazing opportunity to attend WORLD-CLASS training right here in Colorado. No high tuition cost, travel cost, not to mention hotels, rental cars and food.

Because of the limited range dates, a limited number of MEMBERSHIPS are available.  We want to make sure all our MEMBERS can take advantage of this amazing offer.

Some of the benefits of being a MEMBER now are:

  • FREE Registration to three (3) PREVAIL Concealed Carry Classes. You'll need to pay an additional range admin fee each time you come to class.
  • Access to all the on-line and take-home training offered by us.
  • FREE Training Tips offered monthly by us.
  • DISCOUNTS on products offered by our industry partners. See LINKS ON HOME PAGE.
  • FREE monthly open shoots where you can practice your skills under the watchful eye of a PREVAIL Instructor. You'll only need to pay Range Fees.
  • FREE no BS advice on Concealed Gear and Products.
  • AND much more. Benefits may be added as we get more.

A limited number of CHARTER MEMBERSHIPS are being offered today at a discount. Once these CHARTER MEMBERSHIPS are SOLD out, they will not be offered again. Your CHARTER MEMBERSHIP Price will never change. You will be able to renew your CHARTER MEMBERSHIP each year to take advantage of new classes we will be offering and of course all the benefits listed above and more. Regular MEMBERSHIPS are $395.00. CHARTER MEMBERSHIPS are being offered for $295.00 today, until all have been SOLD. YES, that right, $100.00 discount for all of the amazing benefits that are being offered today!  Some Firearms Training Academies charge you more than this just to attend a basic defensive pistol class. JDS Tactical is here for YOU! We pride ourselves in being able to provide you with the BEST training on the PLANET right here in Colorado so you don't have to spend extra money on travel and time away from your family. We are big on family. That is why we are offering a CHARTER FAMILY MEMBERSHIP. This MEMBERSHIP allows you to add one family member at half price. So, you pay the full price and a family member only pays half price. This CHARTER FAMILY MEMBERSHIP will cost you $442.50.

CLICK HERE for the MEMBERSHIP Application Page

So, don't waste any more time. We predict that the CHARTER MEMBERSHIPS will SELL OUT very quickly.

You're still not sure this is for you. Let me ask you a couple questions. Are you the kind of person that wants to have complete control of your life? Do you recognize that there is evil in the world and you may have to defend yourself and your family?

 You know the best way to survive a lethal encounter is to AVOID it in the first place. But there may come a time and place you have no other option but to use deadly force in defense of yourself. Why not learn how to do this from the best! Come join us at a family friendly, very safe and enjoyable day and learn the skills that have been taught to Navy Seals and SWAT officers by us. That's right. We taught Special Warfare Operators and elite Law Enforcement officers how to shoot. You may hear someone say, "Come learn Pistol Craft from a Navy Seal". Well, where do you think he learned how to shoot? Yes, you're right. From us. We're the ones that trained them. Now you have the opportunity to learn those same skills from us. So, don't hesitate anymore! 

CLICK HERE for the MEMBERSHIP Application Page

If you still have questions, don't hesitate to get a hold of us on our contact page or give me a call directly.

Stay safe and stay in YELLOW!

Bob Schneider